Articulate Online: User Role Types and Definitions

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There are five user types or roles in Articulate Online:

  1. Administrators: Members of the administrators group. Administrators have full permissions to all account functions.
  2. Publishers: Members of the publishers group. Publishers can do everything administrators can do except the following:
    • Add or modify other administrators and publishers
    • Upgrade or downgrade the account
  3. Private Users: All users of your Articulate Online account (everyone listed on the people tab). All private users have a login to view content.
  4. Public Viewers: All the people who view your public content (no login required).
  5. Reporters: User accounts that have been granted permission to run reports. Reporters can only run reports on user groups that you specify. They do not have administrative or publishing privileges. Click here to learn more about reporting permissions.

The chart below shows you what each type of user has permission to do:

Articulate Online people comparison chart - Administrators Publishers Private Users Public Viewers permissions

* Private users can only view the specific content items they have been given permission to view.

NOTE: Since both Administrators and Publishers have the ability to publish content to Articulate Online, both will count toward your plan’s limit of publishers.