Presenter '13: Video or Flash File Placeholder Is White, Black, or Transparent

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When inserting a video or a Flash (SWF) file into Articulate Presenter, you may find that the placeholder image in PowerPoint is a white, black, or transparent rectangle. Although it'll work as expected when you publish, it can be difficult to see the placeholder while you're developing your course. Here are a couple suggestions to make the placeholder easier to select:

  • Use the PowerPoint selection pane: Go to the Home tab, click the Select drop-down, and choose Selection Pane.

    Tip: The selection pane lists all the objects on the current slide. Just click an item in the pane to select it. Inserted videos and Flash objects use a random string of characters for their names, but you can rename them by double-clicking.
  • Place a rectangle shape behind the video placeholder. Make it slightly larger than the video placeholder, and give it a fill color, gradient, texture, or image. It'll frame your video.