Quizmaker: Web Object Doesn't Display When Published

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If a web object is missing in your published Articulate Quizmaker quiz, see the following reasons and solutions.

You're viewing the published content locally

Be sure to view your quiz in its intended environment. If you published for Web or LMS, upload your content to a server for proper viewing. If you're viewing content locally, publish for CD, then double-click the Launch_Quiz.exe file. Otherwise, local security restrictions in your computer and browser will cause various features to fail.

The hosting website isn't secure

Modern web browsers have changed the way they handle mixed content, such as iframes. As a result, web objects may not work properly in the latest versions of web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Web objects may flicker or be missing altogether. The solution is to host the web content on a secure (HTTPS) website.

The hosting website doesn't allow viewing in an iframe

If your web object still won't display, it's likely that the hosting website has configured its X-Frame-Options to SAMEORIGIN or DENY. This means it can't be viewed in an iframe, such as a web object container in Quizmaker. A common example is Facebook.