Articulate 360: Merging Subscriptions

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Does your organization have multiple Articulate 360 subscriptions? We can help you merge them into a single subscription. In this article, you’ll learn why it’s beneficial to combine subscriptions, what happens to your content, and how to complete the process.

Why Merge Subscriptions

Easier Team Management

Managing one team is easier than juggling multiple subscriptions. You can even delegate management responsibilities by organizing users into groups, such as departments or locations, and assigning specific admins to manage each group. Learn more about managing users, groups, and admins.

Consolidated Billing

Your combined team will get one annual bill and have one owner who’s responsible for all payments and billing decisions. You’ll no longer have to keep track of multiple teams with different owners and payment methods.

Bigger Discount

We offer volume discounts for teams with ten or more seats. By merging subscriptions, you could be eligible for a bigger discount. You can even combine volume discounts with academic discounts. Learn more about our volume discount tiers.

More Collaboration

Merging subscriptions makes it easier for users to collaborate on e-learning projects. When users belong to the same team, they can share Rise 360 block templates and Storyline 360 team slides, which are perfect for setting brand guidelines and reusing content.

What Happens to Your Content

Local Content

Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, and Peek 360 projects are stored on users’ local computers, so they’ll still have access to those files when they join the combined team.

Online Content

Rise 360 courses and Review 360 projects are tied to each team member’s Articulate ID. As a result, users will have all of their content when they’re added to the combined team.

Shared Content

Rise 360 shared block templates and Storyline 360 shared team slides are tied to each subscription and won’t automatically transfer from old teams to the new one. Here’s how you can prepare your shared content to transfer to your merged subscription.

Before Merging Teams

After Merging Teams

Rise 360 authors should make all of their block templates private. Simply edit each shared block template and uncheck the “Share with team” box.

Storyline 360 authors should download their team slides to a project file on their local computer if they no longer have the source files.

Rise 360 authors can share their existing block templates with the team again.

Storyline 360 authors can share their slides with the team again.

How to Merge Subscriptions

Here’s what you’ll need to merge subscriptions:

  1. Gather all the subscription numbers for the subscriptions you want to merge. Someone from each team can find their subscription number by going to and then clicking any of these tabs: Manage Team, Billing, or Team Info.
  2. Determine which subscription will be the primary, combined subscription. You can choose an existing Articulate 360 Teams subscription, a personal Articulate 360 subscription that gets upgraded to a Teams subscription, or a brand new subscription.
  3. Make sure the primary subscription has enough available seats for all the new team members. If you need more seats, we can help you with that.

If you’ve already started an email discussion with us about merging subscriptions, reply to that thread with the details above. If you haven’t started a conversation with us yet, send your details to us at

After that, we’ll walk you through the merge process, which includes:

  1. Getting written approvals from each account owner
  2. Cancelling the original subscriptions and issuing pro-rated refunds
  3. Adding all users to the primary subscription

Let Your Users Know What to Expect

Be sure to give your users advanced notice that their subscriptions will be merging. Download this template you can customize and share with your team.