Articulate 360 Teams: Download Seatholder Info

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Need to review who has access to your Articulate 360 team and see when they last signed in? Need to send an email to all your team members? Easy! Just download info about your seatholders to a CSV file that you can analyze and use as an email list.

How It Works

Sign in to your account management console and click Manage Team in the sidebar. (You must be the account owner or an admin to download seatholder info.) Then click Download a CSV, as shown below.

Download a CSV file of seatholder info

After downloading the CSV file, you can open it in your favorite text editor or spreadsheet app. You’ll see the following info for each user you have permission to manage (e.g., group admins only see the users they’re responsible for), as shown in the sample file below.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Status (Accepted or Invited)
  • Group
  • Last Login (in UTC time)
Sample CSV file


Who has access to download seatholder info?

You must be the account owner, an account admin, or a group admin to download seatholder info.

Does the CSV file include all users in all groups?

If you’re the account owner or an account admin, the CSV file includes all the seatholders on your team. If you’re a group admin, the CSV file only lists users in the groups you’re responsible for managing.

Does the CSV file include admins who don’t have a seat?

No. The CSV file only lists seatholders, meaning end-users and admins who are assigned to a seat.

Can I edit the CSV file and import it back into Articulate 360?

You can review and edit the downloaded CSV file, but you can’t import it back into your account. Use your account management console to move users to different groups or resend invitations to users who haven’t accepted yet. You can also import new users.