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What is Reach 360 and how is it different from an LMS?

Reach 360 is a lightweight distribution tool to deploy your e-learning content. Unlike a traditional LMS, Reach 360 requires practically no implementation time, meaning you can get started in just a few days instead of months. It's the flexible, cost-effective add-on to your existing Articulate 360 Teams plan that enables your organization to reach more learners, directly. 

Do I need an LMS to use Reach 360?

You don't need an LMS to use Reach 360. It can complement your existing LMS if your organization uses one. While an LMS is great for internal employees, Reach 360 lets you more easily connect with all your learner groups like deskless workers and external audiences.

Who's included in my Reach 360 subscription?

Since it's an add-on to your Articulate 360 Teams plan, all seatholders and admins on your Articulate 360 Teams subscription are automatically users. Seatholders can publish to and admins can manage content in Reach 360.

The rest of your users list is comprised of learners. You can work with our sales specialists to plan for the right subscription size. Learn more about managing users in Reach 360.

Can I try Reach 360?

Yes! If you have an existing Articulate 360 subscription, reach out to us and we'll set you up with a 30-day trial.

What happens to my data when my Reach 360 trial/subscription expires?

When your subscription ends, we keep your content for six months after your paid subscription expires or at least three months after your free trial ends. If you'd prefer we delete your data as soon as your subscription ends, let us know and we'll take care of it right away.

Can I sell training from Reach 360?

Reach 360 is a lightweight distribution tool for your e-learning content and isn't designed to be a selling platform for your courses.

Does Reach 360 offer question-level reporting?

Yes. Reports are available at the question and individual learner levels.

Manage Users

Can I bulk upload learners? Can learners self-register?

Yes! In the Manage tab of Reach 360 you can upload multiple learners at once. If you enable self-registration, you can provide learners with a sign-up link so they can register on their own.

Can I create distinct learner groups?

Yes! Reach 360 comes with group management features so you can provide tailored content to different learner groups. You can also create custom libraries and control content visibility based on group membership.

Can I customize Reach 360 with my branding?

In your Reach 360 settings, you can add a company logo and set your brand color. Reach 360 also supports custom subdomains (the part of the URL that appears before i.e. You can request a subdomain when you sign up. Have an idea for additional customization options? We'd love to hear from you

Can I localize the Reach 360 user interface?

Not at this time. However, you can localize content authored in Storyline 360 and Rise 360.

Does Reach 360 offer version control for training?

Reach 360 doesn't offer version control for training at this time.

Can I import third-party training content into Reach 360?

Absolutely! You can import third-party content from the Course section of the Manage tab. Third-party training must be exported in SCORM 2004 or SCORM 1.2 format.

Can my Articulate 360 team have more than one Reach 360 instance? What if I'm a member of multiple Articulate 360 teams?

Each Articulate 360 team can have only one Reach 360 instance associated with their account. If you're an admin or seatholder on multiple Articulate 360 teams, each with a Reach 360 instance, you'll be prompted to select which you'd like to access when clicking Reach 360 on your dashboard.

If a seatholder or admin is deleted from my Articulate 360 team, what happens to the user in Reach 360?

Seatholders are automatically removed from Reach 360 when you delete them from your Articulate 360 team. If you invite them as a Reach 360 learner with the same email address, all their training information will be retained.

Manage Training

How do I publish content from Storyline 360 and Rise 360 to Reach 360?

Content creators and collaborators just have to select the Reach 360 option when publishing their content. From there, a Reach 360 admin completes the publishing process.

Is there a size limit for content I submit or import?

Whether submitting directly or importing third-party training, content packages must be less than 5GB.

How do I update Reach 360 content?

When authors make changes in Rise 360 or Storyline 360 to previously published training and submit that content for publication, Reach 360 recognizes the updated content and prompts admins to publish the new changes.

Copies of Rise 360 training are treated as new content when submitted. For Storyline 360, you can't use "Save As" copies of projects to submit updates. 

Technical and Support

Which web browsers are supported?

Reach 360 works with most modern browsers. See this article for all Reach 360 technical specifications.

Do I need to add any domains to my allowlist?

Port 443 is necessary to use Reach 360. And if your firewalls are blocking access, ask your IT staff to add to your allowlist. See this article for details.

How do I log in to Reach 360?

Articulate 360 admins and seatholders can access Reach 360 from their Articulate 360 dashboard or the site URL. Learners can access Reach 360 only via the site URL, using the credentials they established when creating their account. Learners can use Google Authentication to log in as long as their email address matches their login credentials.

What technology are we using to authenticate users?

Reach 360 authors and admins use Articulate 360's strong default settings to log in. Learners also have the option of authenticating with Google.

Does Reach 360 support SSO?

Reach 360 doesn't support SSO for learners at this time. Admins and authors can be provisioned by SSO in Articulate 360 Teams.

How can I reach the support team for Reach 360 issues?

Submit a case or chat at